Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wildfox Couture

Hey spud, bite me.
The new collection for Wildfox Courture.
They're clothes are like hell fking yeah!

When I was young, I never wanted to be a ballerina

I'm still on my shopping ban.
But once that ends, I think the first thing that I will buy
is a mesh/tutu skirt or dress.

(Sorry don't remember where all these pics are from.
I have too much time on my hands and go to too many fashion blogs)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Patrick the Starfish

Made for my friend, Lady Jessus (@
She, her friend & I have started up a blog called P3
We plan on making accessories and selling them online.
And also to find some great vintage finds, alter them if need be, and then to sell those online too.
So please visit the site & stay tuned!
We're all currently in the middle of our studies and the exams/assignments have really started to pile up so we can't concentrate on the P3 blog yet, but we will soon.


The weather forecast for the next day was rain.

Heart 4 U & I

I actually made this for my friend
but I think I might make another one for myself.
Tried to be inventive with the stitching my doing different lengths.
But it looks real messy...

Model Behaviour

So I read a book the other day.
Like actually read it.
And finished it.
It felt good.
Like my mind was breathing some literacy air.
I sat in my garden, lying
in the sun, with my 2 dogs by my side.
I quite enjoyed it.
Until I realised that one of the characters just died.
I hadn't been concentrating. And
when I flipped the page,
a character died.
I flipped back, and tried to find out when
and where I skimmed over his death.
But I couldn't find it.
I think,
Harry Potter
was the last
actually paid attention
while reading.

Gen Kay

$0.02: I need something to believe in...

I need something to belive in
Cos I don't believe in myself
I'm sick and tired of getting nowhere
Guess it'll all work out
And I don't mind anymore
And I don't mind anymore
And I need someone to put my trust in
Cos I ain't trusting myself
And I'm scared of failure
So scared of sucess
Guess it'll all work out
And I don't mind anymore
And I don't mind anymore
I need something to believe in
Cos I don't believe in myself

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Julia Roberts

I love Julia Roberts.
She and Kate Winslet are my favourite female actresses.

She was sweet as Anna in Notting Hill.
The song 'She' is still my fav.
I alwasy hum it whenever I see a wooden bench next to a tree.
I love love love her smile - her mouth opens so wide and her teeth always looks so nice. Haha
And her laugh is so addictive.
My absolute favourite 3 seconds of a movie.
When Richard Gere snapped shut the necklace and Julia Roberts cracks up.
They're called boobs, Ed