Tuesday, April 27, 2010


During my stay in Korea I stayed mainly in Hongdae.
And in central Hongdae too, near the university because
that's where my grandparents live.
It was fantastic living in Hongdae because that's where all the young & hip
Koreans go. It's famous for being filled with uni students.
The alley ways are filled with unique graffiti also because
the Hongdae University is famous for specialising in arts.

Sorry for the crap photos. There were more better graffitis as well but can't seem
to find them right now.
There was also really great architecture in Hongdae as well.
The last photo is of a cafe? (I think, didn't get the chance to go in)
called 'Over the door'. Hence all the door nailed to the outside walls.

Every night the streets of Hongdae light up and all the small stores are open til late.
There's rows of clothing shops (check out the fruit loops jumper in the photo!)
and cafes and food shops. The last two photos are of this
small street soju/food shop that seemed to hold a little shrine to past rock stars.

Out of the many cafes in Hong Dae my favourite was 'Dada Cafe'. I ended up going there twice.
If you go to Seoul I recommend you go there!
The owner is really cool - he's this old guy with long grey hair.
And I think that the workers can speak little English. Or at least the one who served me did.
@ Dada there are two small dogs who are the mascots of the cafe.
They walk around freely and customers are allowed to pat them, hug them, let them sit on the tables etc.
IMG_0276 IMG_0279
The two dogs are actually a couple called Daljjae & Sambunee. The girl is pregnant right now.
My cousin said daljjae means like scrawny and I think sambunee refers to three minutes.
Forgot which dog was called which... but they're so adorable and tiny.
The girl dog is the one wearing the yellow vest. The owners shaved her legs to make it look like she's wearing ugg boots because it was winter when I went over.
IMG_0271 IMG_0345 IMG_0344
Every Friday or Saturday night Dada Cafe hosts live music.
The night I went, there was this really funny old American guitar/singer who seemed like he had been living in Korea for a long time.
I was also very lucky that night because I went when some jive (I think?) dancers were there.
I think they were celebrating some event and happened to come to this cafe.
And they danced and showed off their awesome skills as the live music played.
Because of them the atmosphere was so lively and fantastic.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow Spring 2010 - Collaborations
The white one is so cute!
We sell Linda Farrow sunnies @ work.
This is my favourite out of all the ones we have (we dont have many)
It makes you look like an owl.
But I like this the best out of all the Linda Farrows!
I'm sure everyone knows it or at least have seen it before.
It's from the Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott collection.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lonely Hearts

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Acne Studios
If only I could dress like this everyday.
Uni is so dull that I dont get inspired to dress well.

Vlada Roslyakova


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goodbye, I miss you so much.

1997 - 2010
On Tuesday we had to put our dog Kimee to sleep.
It was the hardest decision of my life...
But I know that it was the right one because she had been suffering. She was having multple strokes a night and you could tell she was in clear pain.
About 2 weeks ago we noticed that she was acting differently, walking constantly in circles.
The vet said that she had either a stroke or brain tumour,
and we could do an MRI or CT scan to see which it is.
because she was almost 14 (her birthday is in June)
there was really no point, because if it is a stroke, then medicine can make her better.
But if it is a brain tumour, then she will only get worse
and because of her old age, the chances of her surviving surgery was low.
So I guess you can say I was prepared for this in some way.
But that doesn't ease the pain in any way.
She was the most alert, bright and intelligent dog that I know.
So to have seen her so weak during the last days was heartbreaking. She got so weak that when the vet injected her to put her down, he couldn't find a strong enough pulse.
When she was sedated, she was in my arms.
It was the most peaceful I had see her in so long. Kimee, I'm so sorry that I couldn't take your pain away.
I have another pet, another dog called Sam. Maybe because he is a different breed, a Golden Retriever who are more friendly and loves people, Sam feels like a family pet. A family dog.
He's the type of dog you see in those good feel Disney family movies where
the family dog does nothing but wait by the gate, waiting for you to come home.
Kimee was different. She was cunning, selifsh and knew how to get her way.
Maybe that's why I always saw her like a person.
Don't get me wrong, I still love Sam just as much.
Sam is the dog who depends on us, he's so innocent and beautiful that I want to protect him from the evils of the world.
Kimee was the dog I depended on, she was so strong and smart that I knew I could trust her to always get me through the hard times.

Kimee was my best friend and my family.
I had her for more than half my life, and through the hardest times of my life.
She knew when I was sad, and never failed to lick my tears away, even during the last days when she barely had strength to breathe.
I grew up with her, that it's weird I don't really remember life before her.
I feel like I've lost a part of myself, a part of my childhood.
I know no one will probably read this long post.
But what the heck, this is my blog. And I feel like I owe her something
and a short message of how incredible she was is the least I can do.