Monday, August 17, 2009

Shopping ban sucks

I've always wanted this Romance was Born
rope necklace
but it was too expensive and I'm just a poor little student
so I refrained from buying it.
then one day, while I was @ the Fringe Markets @ Surry Hills,
I saw a very very similar rope necklace (don't think it's the same one)
for $30. But then the girl gave it to me for


Pretty isn't it?
Anyhows, this is one of the last things that I bought before the shopping ban.
So far the ban has been going alright (though it has only been about a week)
I did buy a vintage Carla Zampatti military style coat from
the Salvation Army for $10 (was on sale from $20)
But I am justifying this since it was a bargain purchase
and these days I'm trying to get into resewing old clothes
to mayb even sell online.
So I consider this as a future investment
And I also bought 2 notebooks (one for my bestie)
and this enviromentally friendly/biodegradeable plastic cup
(which now I regret - should have bought the orange/red/blue one
instead of the plain black&white).
But I justify the 2 notebooks b/c I wanted to buy my bestie a gift
and there was a special deal if you bought 2.
And the cup I'm saving a sa future present for a friend
and I am supporting local Aussie designers.
Shopping ban sucks.
I feel like buying some clothes.


Anonymous said...

i went to salvos and bought 2 items too despite the shopping ban
i only spent $4
on a cardigan and a belt HEHEEE

Meghaa said...

ice one bit funny... but true sometimes shopping ban sucks