Sunday, January 3, 2010


Chéri (2009)
Directed by Stephe Frears
A movie about cougars and boy toys in the 19th Century.
And a movie that reminds you time and time again
just how beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer is.
Of course, helped by the glamourous costumes.

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Cissy Kang said...

OOOOOOOO susan!!!
i paid a visit to the Fwendz blog which i haven't done in so long & i was redirected to ur blog to check out ur NY resolutions!!!

but wow i was distracted by this entry - i only JUST saw Scarface and i finally got to c what Michelle Pf-something looked like despite hearing her name so much

WOW i can't believe she's so old now!! man u always noe about cool films...i want to watch this with u!

Not to mention the Coco Chanel movie played by the pretty french actress!

and hmmm what r u envious of?? :S :(