Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meow, I'm back kiddies

So after a month of so of being AWOL.. I'm back! My pictures folder has so many photos and images that I have been saving to upload on the blog but I've been lazy...

But I just saw these cat print Miu Miu clogs and I couldn't resist not posting!


I'm really into animal prints lately... Bought a pair of fox print pants from Black Label (sold in Dangerfield!) recently and I love love love them. Can't stop wearing them!

They're from the men's section but I got the smallest size and fits just right. But perhaps because they were designed for guys... one friend commented one night that I didn't really fill it out properly in a certain section... (hmm).

Below is a very bad, almost embarrassing, photo of the pants that I took literally minutes ago for the blog (that's dedication right there).

My dog's in the pic too.

1 comment:

Jen Jen :) said...

I love your foxy print pants! They really emphasise what great pins you have =) x