Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3 Things

This semester I will be working with Oxfam Australia and its youth program Oxfam Uni Groups on a communications strategy campaign. The hope is to get more uni students to understand that they are part of the global community and that the changes we make locally, has an impact all over the world.

3 Things is one of those programs. It asks the question: what are 3 things that you can do to change the world?

While this sounds like a heavy question to ask the average student, in fact, the question is actually quite simple.

We don't realise what effects our actions have. And there are so many ways that we can help create a better global community.

1/7 people in the world go to bed hungry.

Yet 1/3 of food in the developed is wasted.

Most of the people who don't have enough are actually in fact those directly involved in producing food. Ironic isn't it? We have enough food to feed the world. But this food production is dominated by big corporations and smaller famers can't afford the right resources to compete with these companies.

Changing this seems like a big task. But my meeting with Oxfam taught me that it's the smaller steps that we should focus on. Wasting less food and buying Fair Trade products are some of the examples. It might sounds tedious and time consuming but there are so many ways to interpret it personally.

For me, I like food and shopping. So this is my plan:

1) Buy only the food I need. I don't need two packets of bread to make my sandwich or two packets of biscuits. Just because there is a two-for-one promotion, doesn't mean I need it. Also maybe this might help with me getting more fit.

2) Vintage shopping anyone? It doesn't have to be just about fashion and trends. It will help with taking a stance against the exploitation of cheap labour. Also it will help me save money!

3) This. Writing about things like this on my blog and talking to my friends about these issues not only give me something to post/chat about, but hopefully one or two people will listen and get inspired too. One more person caring is one more person taking a step to change the world.

So if this post has got you thinking, then head to 3 Things and write your 3 ways to help make change too.

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