Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mr Sheffield!

Been watching old episodes of 'The Nanny'
And Fran Drescher is so funny!
They seriously had one of the best costumes on tv.
The most amazing jackets, skirts and dress in the most wildest patterns.
The quality of the pictures are quite bad,
but the last picture is from the episode
when Maxwell asks Fran to sign a prenup.
She wore this dress
that had on it
the wrappers of different chocolates
like M&Ms, Hersheys etc.
Kind of reminded me of Project Runway when they
try to make clothes out of food.
And once they used lollies
and someone made a dress out of chocolate wrappers.
Also, check out this blog:


Anonymous said...

omg i had a crush on him!!!

I'm a mean street kid. said...

haha you and your old men fetishes ;) i liked niles...

Lillian said...

hey susan! thanks for leaving a message! i cant really be stuffed to bother to do much with it anymore. i love this post and i really LOVE that red coat she's wearing. i love all the pictures on your blog X

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Hahah Love the Nanny!

Alina said...

thanks for your comment=)

i love the nanny=))))shes the best!!!

Faridah said...

I love the Nanny! One of the greatest shows, with such a delightful costume department.

The necklace was given to me so I actually have no idea where to find one. I hope you can find one similar!

butcher beini said...

The Nanny is one of few sitcoms that actually made me laugh out loud.