Monday, October 5, 2009


So I watched Wicked the Musical last week with my besties and...
it was my first time watching a musical and I wasn't disappointed one little bit!
It's seriously money well spent.
The cast was magnificent.
The set design was brilliant and the costumes were fantastic!
The Sydney cast consists of Amanda Harrison, Lucy Durak, Rob Mills, Bert Newton & Maggie Kirkpatrick.
Amanada and Lucy are both so pretty, beautiful and a-m-a-z-i-n-g singers!
And I never knew Millsy could sing so well!
He put on a great performance. And so did Bert Newton!
Haha he was funny.
Some youtube clips of the cast:

Amanda Harrison & Lucy Durak

A pretty bad clip since it's just the audio.
But Amanda Harrison performing Defying Gravity.
Seriously left my jaws open for the entire performance!
I want to go watch again! (But I'm too poor...)
Haha my favourite moment was when the cast came out for their bow at the end.
And me and my friends we were all clapping.
Then one of the guys who played the money with wings took off his mask and came out.
That's when we went from clapclapclapclapclap to oooooooooooooh!!!
Lol because he was quite the handsome fellow! ;)
Shame he hid it behins that monkey mask the entire time...

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