Thursday, May 21, 2009

$0.02: Young @ Heart

I don't care that this year I will be turning 20 - that I would have essentially lived two full decades on this planet. I hate kids, but I love kid stuff, hence I will still buy kid things and wear them, even if they don't fit me properly.

So today I went to Cotton On Kids and bought this little backpack for $5! Bargain! doesnt fit much, but I still love it! (Excuse the mess in the background - I couldn't be bothered to clean my room for the picture. Haha and if you look closely, you can see a barbie doll lying next to the bag. I bought that doll for my Year 12 English speech)

And I also went to Target today with my friend because she needed to buy some winter necessities. But we got heavily distracted in the kids clothes section and tried on the baby hats and kids raincoats! Found one that I fell in love with and it was only $15! I so wanted to get it but then decided against it since I am on a shopping ban until the end of July, AND, it didn't fit me properly. Still, couldn't say goodbye without a farewell photo!
I also wanted the kids umbrella they had.... but it would even cover my shoulders...

And I am sad to announce, that my kid gloves that I bought from Melbourne last year (shown in picture above), has been snatched away from me. I went to the Oxford Art Factory last night to watch Bridgemary Kiss play and while I was up at the front listening to the band, someone stole my gloves which I left at the table at the back!

RIP Mr. Crocodile Tears, hope you are well, where ever you are.

Finally -

My friend who is just the most incredible film student I know (hahaha are you reading this bb?) told me to watch this movie called 'Let the Right One In'. The trailer looks so good. Plus, I love kid actors! (No, not in that way...). The movie seems like a younger, psycho, bloody 'Twilight'. This one looks way better than 'Twilight' though.


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Anonymous said...

i feel soooooo sad even though i dont own the gloves
omg it was the coolest ever
*curses person whol stole it*