Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mike Monteiro

Mike Monteiro

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Cissy Kang said...

wow i never realised u posted on my blog >< thanks that's so nice of u :)

hmmm...but that project 2 had me sooo stressed coz i was totally on the wrong track and only realised the week b4 submission ie. last day i could consult my tutor :( so i had to come up with a new idea overnight

i haven't gotten my mark yet, so i dunno wat they thought of it either...

neways...oooooo i c u're followin soph's blog as well :D:D it's pretty cool wat she's up to!! She should try and do something like that in sydney...or italy when u go!! :O

neways can't wait until u're free and i'm free....OOO i thought of the drama 'The L Word' have u seen that??? let's watch it ;);) hahahaha