Friday, May 22, 2009

Terry Richardson

All of Terry Richardson's photographs seem to focus on the themes of controversy, nudity and fame. If you don't know Terry Richardson, you should - he's photographed some of the most famous people around. Even if you don't know this man, you will most definately recognise his works.

I wonder if it was hard to cast Obama for a photoshoot... Or maybe it was Obama who asked Terry Richardson to do a photoshoot with him? Either way, bold move! Kudos, Obama! Way to get the votes from the younger generations! I seriously heart you.
But I like this one better!

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hommedrum said...

I absolutely love Terry Richardson I remember being young and buying ID for the kulkin photo as he looked so cool. I love how relaxed and easy his photos look but I bet it takes some hard work to make the subjects look so simple and love